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Virginia Gale

What's up?! I'm Virginia (she/they)! I'm a New England + beyond, beauty industry professional who doesn't believe in society's bullshit beauty standards. So why did I choose this career path? I'm passionate about human connection, I am passionate about leading woman to believe they are beautiful on the inside + out without having to change who they are, because you're so much more then that!

When I'm not working weddings I am at home enjoying quality time with my husband and our two children or traveling + crossing national parks off my list! I love everything spooky, in fact I have a ouija board and love doing fun makeup every year on halloween, key the black lipstick!


Although I don't typically wear makeup now a days, I use to. I wore makeup because I didn't see my beauty or worth without it. Makeup shouldn't be used to hide your beauty. It's all about having fun and embracing the way you FEEL when wearing it, not gonna lie I feel pretty badass with that black lipstick on!

I love working with likeminded souls + kind humans. Those are the people I want to celebrate their love with! If you're interested in working with me check out my other pages, social media + shoot me an email! 

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