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Are you ready for your best hair ever

Thinking of hair extensions but not sure how to go about getting them? Lets me walk you through what booking an appointment for your best hair ever looks like! You'll click below and schedule an appointment request for a "Hair Extension Consultation". Once your appointment request is received + accepted you’ll receive a welcome message back with more details to ensure a seamless booking experience.

When you arrive you’ll be able to select a refreshment from our menu and we will chat about your hair goals. Once we determine that your a good candidate for hair extensions we will also determine desired length, texture and color. At the end of our appointment we will order your hair and schedule your first install appointment! 


We offer a wide variety of amenities to use during your experience such as a self care box, charging station and refreshments. 

After your first install appointment we'll finish up the visit with a little fun photo shoot to capture photos of your new Pinterest worthy hair!

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